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"Many programs are far from producing behavior which could be considered goal-oriented. Responsibilities, even with written policy, are often unclear. Participation in goal setting and decision making is almost nonexistent. Feedback and reinforcement is slow and not often connected to the amount of effort expended in safety.... The principles of MBO, adapted to safety programming (SBO), can overcome some of these failings." — Safety Management : A Human Approach, Dan Petersen, ASSE Pub.

"Total Quality Management is one label among many that is applied to the American version of what is called "The Japanese System," a system of management introduced to the Japanese by an American, Dr. W. Edwards Deming...Total Quality Management is focused on continuous improvement. While the process is improved, waste is being eliminated: all wastes by everyone in the organization." — Total Quality Safety Management, Edward E. Adams, ASSE Pub.

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